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1. Product description:

AG体育Gel stationary 6V/12V batteries adopt advanced Gel technology, 

high purity raw material and advanced production technology. 

The special designed robust plates, unique GEL electrolyte filling

technique and excessive gelatinzied electrolyte ensure longer service 

life in deep cycle application and good performance at extremely 

high and low temperature。 They are widely used in UPS/EPS power 

supply, telecom stations and power stations,etc.

2. Features:

* Capacity range: 12-250AH; Voltage: 6V,12V

* Good performance at high-rate discharging

* 15years design lifetime in standby application(at 25℃)

* Cyclic life time: at least 1200cycles at 30% dod under normal condition

* High charging receptivity

* Oxygen recombination efficiency rate: >=98%

* Shelf lifetime: less than 50% capacity loss after 24months' storage at 25。

* Deep discharging recovery ability。 The battery capacity can be recovered in four weeks

   after 100% discharging

AG体育* Wide suitability of ambient temperature: -20℃~55℃


* Special alloy grids

* Lower electrolyte density to retard the corrosion of plate

* Gelatinzied electrolyte to avoid delamination and active material shedding

* Special GEL battery separator with lower internal resistance and high porosity

* More electrolytes inside to avoid thermal runaway

* ABS plastic container with good impact and vibrating resistance(flame-retardant ABS is optional)

* Special vent valve design to lower gassing rate and water losing rate for longer service lifetime


* Can be used in any position except upside down

* Can be connected in single string or several strings in series or parallels

* Can be installed in cabinet or rack to save space

* Recommended floating charging voltage:

  12V4Ah~12V33Ah: 2.27~2.30V/cell at 25℃;

  12V38Ah~12V250Ah: 2。26~2。28V/cell at 25℃;

  Temperature coefficient: -3mV/C/cell

* Recommended cyclic charging voltage:

AG体育  12V4Ah~12V33Ah: 2.35~2.40V/cell at 25℃;

  12V38Ah~12V250Ah: 2.33~2.37V/cell at 25℃;

  Temperature coefficient: -5mV/C/cell

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