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1. Product description:

OPzV MSE series adopts an immobilized GEL and tubular 

positive and thicker plate technology。 The special tubular positive plate, 

unique GEL electrolyte filling technique and excessive gelatinaized

electrolyte ensure long service lifetime in deep cycle application and 

good performance at extremely high and low temperature. They are

widely used in telecom outdoor equipment, power station and 

solar/wind energy storage systems.

2. Features:

AG体育* Capacity range: 200-3000AH

* Low self-discharge characteristic

* High reliability and stable performance

* Maintenance free and no topping-up required

* Excellent deep discharge recovery capability

* Long design life in float service(more than 15years)

* Long cyclic lifetime(up to 4400 cycles to 25% depth of discharge)

* Operation temperature: Discharge: -40℃~60℃


* Positive plate: Tubular plate with die cast pb-sb alloy grid

* Negative plate: Balanced Pb-Ca grid for improved recombination efficiency

* Separator: PE/PP separator

* Electrolyte: Dilute high purity sulphuric acid with fumed silica gel

AG体育* Battery container and cover: ABS(flame-retardant ABS is optional)

* Special vent valve design to lower gassing rate and water loss rate for longer service lifetime


* Vertical or horizontal installation

* Recommended floating charging voltage: 2.24~2.28V/cell at 20~25℃;

  Temperature coefficient: -3mV/C/cell

* Recommended cyclic charging voltage: 2.35~2.40V/cell at 20~25℃;

  Temperature coefficient: -5mV/C/cell

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